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Our Curriculum

At our nurseries we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which covers children's development and learning from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS is designed to deliver improved outcomes for all children, across every area of learning and development.


We take our children out on visits and short walks so that they can explore all different kinds of weather and the surrounding environment


We love to involve our parents through annual parents' social evenings. At these events you will meet with your Childs key person who will talk to you about their development.

We have also created a welcome guide which provides some insight into what to expect from the EYFS Curriculum including an overview of the EYFS and the key development measures that we will be tracking.

Once the children reach their pre-school year a curriculum is carefully planned and designed to encourage each child to work towards the Early Learning Goals. The goals are organised into seven areas of learning.

The seven areas of learning are split into two sections:

Together they provide opportunities to address important aspects of children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We recognise that all children develop and progress at different rates and regular observation and assessment of work and meetings with parents enable us to establish each child's current achievements and abilities.

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